Powering the largest associations with the market’s most customizable AMS solution

ThreeSixty is the most robust and flexible Association Management System available in the market. It runs on a world-class infrastructure and serves as your technology foundation to enable revenue growth and operational excellence. Our comprehensive ThreeSixty platform is backed by an in-house services team with extensive knowledge of associations that allows us to provide you with a uniquely tailored and purpose-built experience.

Why ThreeSixty?

  • Purpose-built for associations
  • Modern technology built on world-class infrastructure
  • Extensible & customizable
  • Comprehensive solution
  • In-house services team or association experts

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Benefits of ThreeSixty

Manage Members

It’s the easiest way to get a 360-degree view of your member information, behavior, and transactions across all channels of engagement. And don’t worry, our signature flexibility can accommodate simple to complex membership structures – and everything in between.

Drive Revenue

With our online tools, you can develop, introduce, and support multiple revenue streams tailored to the divergent needs of your members. Collect payments, drive subscriptions, boost non-dues revenue, and leverage physical and digital products with the market’s most complete transaction engine.

Expand Your Reach

Educate and inspire your community as you create online experiences that increase engagement and revenue. Leverage membership workflows, meeting registrations, one-click donations, member directories, physical and digital products, questionnaires, and more.

Get Actionable Insights

Turn data into insights with robust reporting and analytics capabilities. You can deploy out-of-the-box executive dashboards or quickly build and store your own to simplify and standardize how users view, share, and act on information. You can even create specialized personas, screens, workflows, and context-sensitive tasks while you track trends and metrics to maximize impact.

Enjoy a Seamless User Experience

Our cloud-based solution provides a seamless, easy-to-use experience that can be tailored to your staff’s specific needs. Easily renew memberships, register people for events and programs, run reports, and manage security settings and notifications without the need for comprehensive training.

Eliminate Complex Integrations

We’ll work with your team to connect your AMS with other best-of-breed software solutions to securely exchange data and interactions, so you have a single source of truth to make informed business decisions.

Committed to Your Success

Our goal is to collaborate with you to maximize your investment and achieve your business objectives. Our product and technology knowledge, combined with our industry experience, gives us a unique ability to guide you to the best solutions. We have invested in a dedicated, in-house professional services team to guarantee you have a partner on every step of the journey.

"We use the data within ThreeSixty to make decisions. We use the information in person to interact with our members and customers to maximize the utilities of our operations so that they could maximize their abilities to interact with us again. I am looking forward to the future with Personify as a partner and the technologies that comes along with it."

Mohammed Lakhoo

Director of Business Applications, The American College of Physicians

ThreeSixty Module Overview


The homepage dashboard enables each user to personalize the actions and data they are presented with upon logging into the system. It includes drag and drop functionality that allows for at-a-glance data summaries as well as quick access to frequently used tools.

Accounting & Orders

Track detailed financial records associated with order line items, with highly configurable settings to properly manage transactions, disbursements, deferred revenue, reversals, and more using GAAP standards.

Constituents (CRM)

Leverage robust and flexible relationship management for constituents of all types: individuals, companies, sponsors, donors, prospects and more. ThreeSixty can capture, store, and report on virtually unlimited constituent information.

Committees & Subgroups

Create and manage committees and subgroups, such as adding individuals to a committee, emailing committee members, creating a new subgroup and more.


Manage fundraising campaigns, appeals, funds and recognition structures. Track how much money has been contributed, collected, given by each donor and what is still due.


Manage all business processes associated with a marketing campaign and evaluate the effectiveness and ROI of your marketing efforts.

Certifications & Transcripts

Track transcripts and other information against a defined set of requirements for that certification.


Create and manage meetings, such as creating new simple, zero-price meeting products, viewing meeting product setup information, managing meeting registrants and more.


Create and manage products, such as creating miscellaneous and membership products, viewing product setup information and more.


Leverage a variety of robust reporting capabilities/methods that allow you to turn data into insights, track trends and metrics and easily get data out of your system.


Our set of e-business tools are designed to assist users in modifying front-facing features such as online store, member join and renewal forms, portal/profile access for members, registration and generally integrating webpages into existing websites.

ThreeSixty by Personify, the Pulse & Heartbeat of Large Associations

Personify President and CEO, Scott Collison, shares how ThreeSixty by Personify and our in-house teams partner with the largest associations to provide modern, scalable association management technology, fantastic services and our attention for the lifetime of your association.

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