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Be the go-to source for your community’s educational content and programs with a learning management system your members and staff will love to use.

Quickly, easily, and professionally deliver the content your community craves with our intuitive Classroom LMS platform. You can monetize your educational materials with certification programs and empower users to choose their custom learning pathways when they need to, saving you time and administrative fuss. Speaking of reducing your effort, you can also automate certificate generation and track performance for strategic content optimization.

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  • Host online educational content
  • Manage certification programs and issue certificates
  • Track continuing education
  • Securely store documents

Benefits of Classroom

All Your Digital Property Made Tidy

Whether you are posting an on-demand video for general consumption or setting up a proprietary, protected course flow, Classroom offers an easy and attractive way to take your digital assets and put them to work for your organization and its members.

A Responsive Site That Reflects Your Brand

Provide experience continuity from your website to your learning management system with a tailored, user-friendly solution — whether accessed from a desktop, phone, or tablet.

Seamless Sign-on and Data Integration

Learners can view content immediately with the SSO login experience and access their data across solutions. SSO and data integration can be built into our AMS solutions for small – to – midsize associations.

Automated Learning Paths and Certification

Create a structured learning experience by using prerequisites to order courses and learning materials. Test knowledge with an assessment and reward success by issuing continuing education credits and certificates.

Secure Content Storage and Delivery

Store videos and documents in a content library that can be configured in a variety of ways, from packaged courses to simply organizing by content type or topic. Plus, you may restrict packages of content for specific groups or generate non-dues revenue by requiring non-members to pay a premium for access.

Easy-to-Build Assessments

Testing concept mastery is a proven way to increase retention of knowledge, making your content more valuable. Our flexible assessments tool allows for the delivery and scoring of online exams, so your learners know exactly where they stand.

SCORM and xAPI Compliant

For your authored content, we support modern industry interoperability standards to drop in your files and get learners started with minimal effort.

Insightful Analytics

With our high-level dashboard insights and detailed reporting options, you can quickly understand course adoption and completion and learner progress, empowering you to make adjustments and offer excellent customer service.

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"I wanted an all-in-one for single sign on and clean data, so that narrowed down the field. I was tired of API’s not always working right, and I wanted our workflows automated as much as possible to reduce repetitive manual work, so Classroom did it for us."

Dr. Michael Tatonetti, CAE, CPP

Director of Certification and Education, Professional Pricing Society

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