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Deliver value that keeps members coming back for more with Job Board

Show your investment in your community as you create a career center and develop your industry’s workforce with a branded job board for your association

We’ll help turn your members into lifelong devotees by giving you the tools to invest in their future. With Job Board, you could become the link to your members’ next big opportunity and add talent acquisition to your list of benefits – all while increasing your revenue by attracting employers and members seeking to post a job and find the perfect candidate.

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  • Boosts revenue with no up-front costs
  • Enhances credibility and membership value
  • Integrates seamlessly with your AMS
  • Builds connections with employers and members

Benefits of Job Board

Equip Job Seekers for Success

Create an association job board that will attract eager candidates with sought-after skills. Encourage repeat use through helpful tools such as alerts, keyword search, and resume bank exposure.

Help Build Careers

Build an association job board that showcases attractive opportunities in jobseekers' specific fields that are more likely to align with their criteria and advance their careers.

Make More Money with Featured Posts

Generate additional revenue from employers with no extra work by charging a premium to have their post featured on your association job board. Job Board highlights those posts and automatically pushes them to the Google Jobs Network.

Create a Simple Experience for Employers

With a friendly user experience for posting new jobs and managing existing ones, earn more revenue from posters who value getting in front of the high-quality candidates.

Build Value Through Bundling

Allowing employers to purchase posts in bulk means more value for them and more up-front revenue for your association.

Grant Resume Bank Access

Candidates can post their resumes for consideration, and any employer who has a posting for your association job board can view the collection of resumes. It’s a win-win!

Enable Employer Renewal Notifications

Provide stellar customer service by sending employers automated reminders when their posts are about to expire. Plus, they will enjoy easy post renewal if they haven’t found their ideal candidate.

Enjoy Seamless Mobile Responsiveness

Job Board is personalized for your organization and responds to all screen sizes for a seamless experience on any device.

Share Through Marketing Automated Posts

Enable automatic sharing of jobs on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and email with the click of a button, easily expanding your association job board's reach and effectiveness with job seekers, as well as attractiveness to employers.

See how you can show your commitment to your members by investing in their futures

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"Back in 2019, our region had the lowest unemployment in Canada and were looking for a way to promote the many great jobs in Greater Victoria. A job board was a natural fit, as it was easy to implement, and Personify has an excellent reputation with customer support and ongoing upgrades to respond to the needs of users."

Cheryl Wirch-Ryckman

Director of Operations, Great Victoria Chamber of Commerce

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