Personify for Professional Associations

Association management software that makes it easier to put members and mission at the forefront

Connect your members. Shape your industry. Streamline your efforts.

Relationships are the lifeblood of associations. We understand that your organization’s ability to attract new members and keep them engaged is a critical part of your success. That’s why we’ve put 20 years of empathy and experience into our leading cloud-based AMS solutions. Personify brings you dozens of features that offload manual labor and make it easier to build connections with and between members. And you get it all in consumer-grade technology that your staff and members crave.

Hook New Members

Powerful CRM and eBusiness tools include everything your staff needs to streamline operations and focus on what’s important.

Boost Your Presence

Engage members, delight exhibitors and grow your brand with event tools focused on flawless execution and meaningful connections.

Grow Revenue

Keep members onboard with features to automate renewals while amplifying opportunities for non-dues income, including optimization of events revenue, exposition sponsorships and more.

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Understand member behavior with actionable insights.

Build an Online Community

In Personify’s latest research study, 44% of association members said that it became more important to have an online member community, but found that only a small percent of association staff had one.

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Grow your community, make fast and reliable business decisions, and increase revenue with enterprise-level association management software for large associations and nonprofits.

Personify ThreeSixty

CommUnity for Events

Build meaningful relationships at your events and create additional opportunities for revenue for exhibitors by gaining more brand exposure through product galleries, show specials, press releases, videos, and the ability to connect with attendees within the community through various channels.

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Offer an intuitive platform on which your audience can travel their custom learning pathways at their own pace, saving you time and administrative fuss.

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