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Camilo Rincon

Hi, I’m Camilo Rincón

I’m Multimedia Engineering, Specialist in Technology Management and candidate to get a Master in Information Systems Management and Technological Projects. I’ve been involved in many different projects during the last years working with different technologies, mostly focus in front end and digital product development.

Currenly working at Amadeus IT Group as a Senior Software Engineer. Previously I had the opportunity to work with companies like Huge, Globant, MUI and UMNG.

If you want to see more details found me on Linkedin.


This is my site where I share everything and nothing, carlmultimedia name borns since I was a student of Engineering, with the time it converts in my name and personal brand. I created this website for first time in 2016 - 2017 to share ideas, projects, blog post around web development.

What’s next?

Everyday is a new opportunity to learn and I am in the process to improve my skills. I hope to be consistent with this site and share a lot with the community.

Eventually I want to own a company let see what happens.

Camilo Rincon
Camilo Rincon

Multimedia Engineer, Software Engineer front-end, entrepreneur, creating and sharing experiences and resources for developers.

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