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September 15, 2017

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Before starting with my experience as a newbie Tech Lead, I want to talk a little about myself. I have an undergraduate degree in Multimedia Engineering and a postgraduate in Technology Management and working as a developer for the last 5 years. Technology got attracted me since my childhood; computers and electronic devices have been my passion since then. I start to be involved in these topics and learn through the experience specifically with software development.

The University and my Company

I decided to study Engineer and begin my knowledge process. What can I say about University and Knowledge? - Is up to you. From my experience, academic background gives you a lot of tools for solving problems and of course the opportunity to meet and knew geniuses from all fields of knowledge.

During the last year, I decided to create a company with a partner (MUI Ingeniería en Multimedia) a Tech Company, focusing on Software Development and consultancy. I was part of the Financial, Management decisions, Business Negotiation with clients (the worst part) probably some of you have the same feeling. But I can say it was one of the best experiences of my life. I’ll never forget the long nights working and coding to accomplish contracts and deadlines, I learned to optimize my time to understand what are the most important things to have an MVP(minimum viable product). And all of these experiences gave me a new perspective of the Technology World and the WHY is so heavy have success its. So, we were online in the market for two years then we decide to find a Job in Tech Companies.


I’ve been working as a freelancer and contractor for some companies until getting a full-time job. I was improving my skills during the time but I felt I need something else. Was when I decided to start a graduate program in Technology Management, this program gave me a lot of experience, studied cases from famous companies that succeed and failed. I understood the power of never stop learning, Management gave me another perspective on the technician world and I detected the majority of the people leading technical staff have not the understanding to be more accurate with the decisions, especially with personal decisions and I started to find the way to change that and improve the role for Tech Leads. After a while, I entered a development team as a developer with a group full of Rock Stars in Web Development under React.js, a team with an awesome Leader inspirational with a high sense about what we do and why. My adaptation was quick and can add value to the team and the product.

Tech Lead

A couple of months later the Team starts to suffer some changes in people inside, some of them went to another company, and the Teach Lead had an offer to relocate he offered me the position and I say yes is the opportunity to apply all I’ve to learn from University, Company, and Experience.

I started my role as a Tech Lead, and I can say is hard hard, when you have a lot of experienced people around you with amazing hard skills is difficult to ensure everybody is on the same page, probably you said why? , well when people with high qualifications and experience are in the same team is difficult to find an approach or agree on a topic. As a Tech Lead you’ve to take the final decision without leaving any of the team members’ concerns to don’t disrupt the teamwork and spread out some preferences. Time, I know since my new role it’s more administrative than technical probably I wouldn’t have the opportunity to code with the same intensity and time, you have to split your time with the team, code, client, and meetings(sometimes unuseful) at the beginning was hard but with the time, I can say you can handle perfectly if you’re patience and believe in your skills and capacities. I learned to read code faster really faster and find things that probably I’ve never taken into account just developing - The business logic.

To conclude I can say being a Tech Lead gave me a new perspective on development, but now I can add value from different fronts (management, technical, personal) is hard to not code with the same intensity but you must find the time you’ve to be in shape, in spite you’re a leader, of course, you didn’t know everything and is ok but you have to listen and learn from others. Remember, if you’re part of a big team you are the Techincal Lead for the whole team including QAs, BAs, etc. Never stop coding.

Camilo Rincon
Camilo Rincon

Multimedia Engineer, Software Engineer front-end, entrepreneur, creating and sharing experiences and resources for developers.

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